My work explores the constructed "self" through the lens of corporeal degradation and contemporary constructions. I have always had an interest in different strategies of representation and my works are an amalgamation of both figurative and semi-abstract representations in ways that illustrate the contrasting elements of the physical and psychological identity. I am fascinated with narratives that recontextualize self-identity and allow identity to be seen within a deterministic construction; a small part of a larger system as opposed to completely autonomous.


EMRN: 10202

Physical Exam

GENERAL: Alert male in no acute distress. Reaches conclusions with dissociative reasoning.

EYES: Appear grossly normal with nonicteric sclera and intact EOM. Pupils appear normal. Astigmatism present in both eyes. 

ENT: Oropharynx appears normal. Though normal is grossly unimpressive

NECK: Cervical nodes are normal. No thyroid abnormalities or masses are appreciated. No carotid bruits are noted. Head is attached.

CARDIAC: RRR without murmur. Patient admits to heartbreaks, no evidence present.

LUNGS: Respiratory effort is normal. Adequate breath sounds noted bilaterally. Clear to A&P bilaterally. No CVAT is present. Breaths polluted air

ABDOMEN: Bowel sounds are normal. Chest wall is nontender to palpation. No hepatosplenomegaly is appreciated. Full of shit.

EXTREMITIES: Warm without cyanosis, contusions, clubbing or edema. Ideological extremes present.

SKIN: No rashes are noted. Skin reenforces identity based on socially constructed archetypes.

NEURO: Grossly normal. Cranial nerves are normal. Deep tendon reflexes are normal. Abnormal ability to find meaning in the meaningless.

PSYCH: Alert and oriented. Mood is normal. Nihilistic tendencies.